Coffee according to Romeo Morganti.

In the 1890s, apothecary Romeo Morganti began to take an interest in coffee and wanted to devise a method for roasting it industrially. At that time, in fact, coffee was a drink that did not have the reach it has today, it was sold raw, and each buyer was burdened with the task of roasting it manually. So it was that Romeo designed and built one of the first roasting machines of the time, which helped revolutionize the coffee industry.

With the coffee roasting machine, the first Morganti roaster was born, which would positively impact the managerial destiny of the family, who has continued to oversee the company over four generations. Since then, Caffè Morganti has grown to its position of the present day, combining modern production systems with the craftsmanship that has always distinguished it, and which has allowed the production of espresso coffee blends with inimitable taste.

The Coffee Production Phases

01 Selection

The company focuses on the uniqueness and quality consistency of its blends and this is why it personally handles the choice and selection of raw coffee in the countries of origin such as Central America, South America, India, Italy and Africa.

02 Roasting

After careful selection, we move on to blending, then to the primary roasting, a phase in which the coffee bean undergoes significant and important chemical, physical and aromatic modifications. Blending involves product success with the aim of obtaining a perfect balance between taste, aroma and body according to the recipes of an ancient tradition. The most critical phase is that of roasting, in which the roaster, despite the various temperature changes, must be able to maintain a high uniformity of taste and color of the coffee mixture in order to obtain the best result.

03 Grinding

The last phase of coffee processing is grinding, where the product is finished, i.e. the coffee beans are ground and turned into powder. Later it will be packaged and packed so that it can sustain the journey to reach consumers all over the world while maintaining the intense and continuous aroma that sets it apart.

04 Result

The purpose of Caffè Morganti has always been, and still is, to produce espresso coffee blends that providing the experience of absolute quality. We like to think that the product of our research transmits the love and passion that we have always had for this fascinating drink, thus transforming a simple gesture like drinking coffee into a pleasant and unique moment able to satisfy the various palates of the consumer.