An organic coffee with a persistent aroma and taste.

Obtained from an entirely natural blend, Morganti Æquobio is the result of the natural soil fertility, only with minimal and low-impact interventions which exclude the use of any synthetic product (such as pesticides.)

Our goal is not only biodiversity protection but also land conservation and social development. This is also why the raw organic coffee in this blend is selected on the basis of strict criteria, designed to ensure fair trade:

  • transparent minimum prices, covering the costs of sustainable production;
  • ban on child labour employment and exploitation;
  • pre-financing the production and long-term business relations;
  • agricultural practice that respects the environment and health;
  • an additional award for the transition to organic farming.

Tasting notes: honey and citrus fruit aromas. Medium-high body, creamy. Gentle fruity acidity, with a lingering, sweet aftertaste and notes of tobacco.

1kg pack

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